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There is nothing natural about hunger: Pope Francis

Posted On:20/06/2016

Vatican: On 13 June 2016, Pope Francis became the first Pope to visit the United Nations World Food Programme, the United Nations agency that fights hunger. In his speech the Holy Father said: the “consumerism in which our societies are immersed has made us grow accustomed to excess and to the daily waste of food.” WFP is currently engaged in and committed to the “One Future Zero Hunger” Global Goal set by world leaders for 2030.

The Pope continued: “In some cases hunger itself is used as a weapon of war” as the number of people dying of hunger and thirst is added to that of battlefields casualties and the civilian victims of conflicts and attacks. As long as poverty has no face the Pope pointed out: “we run the risk of bureaucratizing the suffering of others.” He cited the words of Jesus, “I hungry and you gave me food; I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink.” It is a principle-he said –which is independent of creeds and convictions and it can serve as a golden rule and as a measure of our humanity as we continue to seek creative solutions of change and transformation.

Courtesy: Global Catholic Network

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