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Pope: Disabled Persons should be Loved, not Hidden from Society

Posted On:15/06/2016

Vatican City : Pope Francis greeted the participants of the Jubilee of the Sick and Disabled, during His homily on 12 June 2016 in St. Peter’s Square. Pope Francis denounced the increasingly prevalent mentality which claims that sick and disabled persons cannot be happy, and should be kept out of sight from society. In reality, happiness can only be achieved “if we are capable of loving,” the pontiff said. 

“In an age when care for one’s body has become an obsession and a big business, anything imperfect has to be hidden away, since it threatens the happiness and serenity of the privileged few and endangers the dominant model,” said by Pope Francis.

Pope drew from the day’s Gospel (Lk 7:36- 8:3) account of the women caught in adultery who, like persons who are sick and disabled, is cast aside by society. Jesus accepts and defends her: “She has shown great love.” This is the conclusion of Jesus, who is attentive to her suffering and her plea. This tenderness is a sign of the love that God shows to those who suffer and are cast aside. Suffering need not only be physical; frequent pathologies is also spiritual. In our weakness we are strengthened and receive what we need in Christ’s suffering for “his body, the church,” Francis said, concluding his homily.

His Holiness thanked them for having wanted to be present in their state of “illness or disability” and he expressed heartfelt gratitude to their caregivers.

The Pope also had special words of thanks for all the doctors and medical workers who are present on the homily at special “Health Centers” set up at the four Papal Basilicas in Rome and who are busy offering specialized medical visits to the hundreds of poor people in Rome who live on the margin of society.

Courtesy: Independent Catholic News

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